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Our Cunt Book

She's Got So Much Clit, She Don't Need No Balls

We're punk and we got cunts
All over
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Hey, this is punk cunts. A commUNITYfor girls and guys that support the girls into punk or and subcultures alike. This is NOT a rating community.
When you join tell us a bit about yourself.

1.Use a LJ cut for pictures.
2.No bitch fights. Expression of opinion is valued however belittlement of others because of their opinion is highly looked down apon.

title or description

Feel free to join.

21 dub street, against all authority, amazing royal crowns, angelic upstarts, beer, bettie page, bewilderbomb, black eye liner, blatz, blitz, blondie, bondage, boobs, boys, bras, bratmobile, brian setzer orchestra, brigitte handley, brisbane city all skas, brody armstrong, brody dalle, chicks on speed, choking victim, cock sparrer, cockney rejects, combustible edison, courtney love, crass, cunts, dance hall crashers, dangerville, danzig, dayglo abortions, deadbolt, demented are go, dicks, drugs, dypsomaniaxe, fake eye lashes, fishnets, gigs, girls, goon, gothabilly, hole, homewreckers, horrorpops, jack off jill, janitor joe, jessicka fodera, joan jett, joe strummer, joy division, l7, leftover crack, local pricks, love you dead, lydia lunch, mad sin, madness, mini skirts, motorhead, musicians, nail polish, nancy sinatra, nekromantix, nerve agents, no doubt, no idea, old school punk, operation ivy, patti smith, penetration, piercings, pin-up girls, punkabilly, pyschobilly, rancid, raool, red aunts, red lipstick, reverend horton heat, river city rebels, rockabilly, run for cover, sailor jerry, scarling, sex, sex pistols, shag art, sham 69, siouxsie and the banshees, sixfthick, skulls, sourpuss, stiff little fingers, stray cats, sublime, tattoos, the bags, the buzzcocks, the clash, the cramps, the derailers, the disables, the distillers, the dumpers, the go go's, the hellacopters, the living end, the meteors, the misfits, the pits, the quakes, the raging teens, the ramones, the saints, the slackers, the slits, the specials, the toy dolls, thee exit wounds, tiger army, trad ska, transplants, triple0-7, two tone ska, uk subs, usandfatso, vampires, vicious, whores